Thursday, July 1, 2010

my new asparagus beds

most who know me, know i love a challenge, mainly because i don't have the money to do it the simple way, lol. The latest journey here at produce garden farm is my asparagus beds, or bed really, only about 100 square metres or so with hopefully about the same in asparagus crowns, mary washingtons, 2 yrs old. trouble is the grass and weeds that are still in the newly allocated ground! if i had the cashola i'd simply hire a small bobcat, whip off the grass layer then hire a rotary hoe to turn the area over for crowns. being overdrawn at the bank in pursuit of self sufficiency is unfortunately an issue at the moment so it was always going to be a job done by hand. so far its taken me nearly three days to get halfway through, because the crowns must be planted during winter i'm on a schedule. the miserably wet and drizzly days aren't helping, along with losing a job that was a good source of income, not as much work, boredom, depression etc etc! anyway, so far so good, i'll post a video on youtube soon to demonstrate the progress, i want to stagger it in stages to show what i'm doing and demonstrate that it's easily done to others. after planting, asparagus crops for up to 20 years, is hardy and delicous, all that and it gives you fluoro pee, who could ask for more?
I will write more as it comes to hand but if you really, really want to know as i go, follow me on twitter under "producegarden" or "like" my facebook page for more regular updates!
my body is aching again just thinking about it all, lol!